twas brillig, and the slithy toves / did gyre and gimble in the wabe; / all mimsy were the borogoves / and the mome raths outgrabe sound

sensor data is a digital platform designed by Anca Bucur and Sergiu Nisioi to channel and conjugate the rhythmic rustle of the ill-edged geography made visible in the co-habitation of species through a worm breeds a dendrolite breeds a prototype. Several long-range, low-power radios are inserted into and around the sculptures from the Botanical Garden of Bucharest in order to create an alternative ecological network that communicates with the environment. The information provided by the unearthed objects through their sensors is made public to and several sound recordings from around the organisms will be curated and streamed. The platform opens up various research questions on the relations between factors such as air pollution, noise, atmospheric pressure, soil temperature or humidity and the sonic productions of the species co-habiting the area.

a worm breeds a dendrolite breeds a prototype navigates a frontier landscape of multispecies entanglements and onto-epistemic frictions, unearthing the ecological dimensions of their mingled spacetimemattering organization. Resurfacing from beneath the soil, invertebrate molecular agents – vermes, parasites or arthropods – stretch their limbs, unfasten their mandibles and gape their gonopods to pair and entwin their abreast greener kindreds for a more vivid naturecultural scenario to manifest and shimmer. If oaks and elms and cypress would grow backwards, if rinds and mosses would wrap inwards, if all these roots could stem the heights in circles and birds not seal their eyes, lowlifes would softly run riot. Whilst examining the nature of difference between these living forms, Anca Bucur’s sculptures and interventions within the Botanical Garden chart an understanding of matter not only as a product of interrelated semiotic practices, but also as an already composite factor in its iterative aggregations and vital materializations. Soft bodied organisms, smooth skins and spontaneous relics are oozing into visibility to reshape the landscape, manufacturing the soil as both their habitat and their end-product. Vermicular intelligence returns open an ecology of the living soil, annexing its limbless embodiment to conjure a multispecies community of biota, aerating the land and burrowing new life into it.

Anca Bucur – works indeterminately with different media, combining various fields of research and realms of conceptualization. Her practice unfolds across the material-semiotic patterns that ecologies of matter bring to surface, and spreads to cover territories such as visual and sound installations, performances and poetry & theory writings. Recently, her works, both installations and performances, could be seen at Bucharest, Anca Poterașu Gallery and CNDB. She is co-author of two poetry books and editor at frACTalia press.

Sergiu Nisioi is a computer scientist and researcher in natural language processing within the University of Bucharest. He works on bridging machines with sound art using modular synthesizers and algorithmic composition. Currently, he explores Paleozoic noise textures as part of godwana sound project.

Supported by quote — unquote platform, Bucharest.