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phytoplastia is a self-published research document, delivered as an essay on the ecological relations of plants and their agency in morphing the materiality of the world/nature/reality. Words intercalate a series of six small abstract drawings which imagine the plasticity of the vegetal line as titled the line is not a line but the sequence. phytoplastia accompanied five-liter-ecosphere – an installation of three plant-wired glass terrariums by Anca Bucur made in collaboration w/ Sergiu Nisioi, included Liminal group show. The glass terrariums also worked as speakers recording the series of sounds produced by plants when growing and relating with each other, different layers of soil, bacteria and collected pebbles and pieces of stones. The title of the installation is an appropriation of microbiologist Clair Folsome’s sealed ecosphere, made in 1968 and which informed his later work The Origin of Life: A Warm Little Pond.

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