a study of burden

a study of burden is an ongoing series started at the beginning of 2021, in the pandemic context, and it explores forms – as geometrical morphologies of bodies, and as modes of natural organization, of relating, interconnecting and living-with and in companion with a significant non-human other whose presence can become as concrete as it is usually abstracted. The piece of granite is a displaced remnant of an abandoned landscape, of a former stone quarry in Măcin Mountains, which was held by an Italian family more than a century ago, and it tells the story of bodies which after years of industrial exploitation start to be considered disposable and rendered obsolete, living behind traces of different soil and subsoil geo-arrangements. By looking into patterns of agential and epistemological positioning towards and in conjunction in a continuum of altered spatio-temporalities, a study of burden intends to communicate not only exhausted bodies, but also the exhaustion and depletion of productivity itself.

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